Mega SHIT Bath Extravaganza!

Two Wild and Wicked Girls EAT SHIT & FUCK in a MEGA SHIT BATH!

Watch as multiple girls take Huge Mega Shits on these two beautiful girls.
It's always nice to see hot girls getting covered in shit but these two do more
then just get covered! Their loving the fact that their covered in shit and
they just can't get enough of it and want to be covered in more and more SHIT!
So more girls are brought in to shit & shit on the two of them. They even eat
hot shit that just came out of a girl's asshole!.
One of them has a good appetite for shit and can't stop herself from eating more.
This had got to be one of the best Scat Moves ever made!!

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All movies are Very High Quality MPEG clips, 10 Meg each made using the best encoder currently available!